Is God Love?

MICHAEL PETILLO | | 11.29.15

The greatest commandment and therefore the greatest good for man is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. But what does that look like? Loving God consists in approbation of and inclination toward Him as we know Him to be good. It is the revealing of God’s goodness in our lives that causes our hearts to truly love Him and to be consumed with Him. But there are parts of God’s goodness that can not be experienced or known with out us taking blind steps of obedience to His commands and leading. It is only after we obey that we see God provision, protection and kindness that causes our whole being to fall completely in love with Him. To know God we must be a people of faith but true faith has its outworking in obeying God. Faith through obedience causes us to know Him and as we know Him we love Him.

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