ADAM FIELD | 10.04.15

God came to Gideon who was a wheat thresher and called him a warrior. He struggled to believe his calling because of his age and experience. The Christian is in a similar predicament. As Christians, we can minimize the plan God has for our lives when we trust in ourselves instead of His promise. He is the God who calls things that are not as if they are (Romans 4:17). Before we are a mom or a dad, or whatever our careers are, we are heirs of God in Christ. God saves us not just for heaven but for a unique purpose on earth as well. Like Israel, as Christians we don’t tap into our God given purpose because we don’t converse with God transparently. Even though Gideon should have never questioned God, according to the law, God permitted Gideon’s questions and tests because he saw sincerity. Once Gideon knew without a shadow of a doubt, he never questioned the promise of God again. Israel longed for a mediator, ruler or king, yet they did not understand that God wanted to be their king. Jesus is a king who desires relationships with his heirs. Like Gideon, We should be transparent, sincere and talk to God from our hearts.

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